Social media is supposed to be fun, right? I mean, when I first joined MySpace, or Hi5, or whatever other networks existed back then, it was all about connecting friends and making new ones. There was no emphasis for brands to be marketing on these platforms – it was a simpler time. The reality now is that all of us… View Post

If you’ve been following along my social media series, you’re already read my fundamentals and how brands are using influencers to spread their message. So what’s the next step? Good question. Being able to measure your success is one of the most important things any style/lifestyle blogger can do. Why? It all depends on your objectives, and we’ll get there,… View Post

When was the last time you disconnected? I mean, truly disconnected. No TV, no internet, no phone, no social platforms, no radio – no distractions. I recently tried jus that. Unplugged. Unconnected. Undisturbed. But unproductive is what I really thought. The #solitudechallenge was just that – a challenge. I spent 30 minutes with no technology and no distractions in my… View Post

Have you ever wondered why the Kardashians constantly Instagram the same products over and over again? The answer is not “because they really love waist trainers and the product has changed their life, so they NEED to share it with the world”. The answer is “they are being paid to do so”. Plain and simple. Marketing channels have changed with… View Post

I may be new to this blog, but I am far from new when it comes to both blogging and social media. In fact, I ran a pretty active blog for about 3 years before my life became crazy and my priorities shifted. And i’ve been an early adopter of almost every social platform. But being active on social media… View Post