DockATot Review – A must have for moms

DockATot Baby Lounger ReviewFirst off, I’m really sorry that I’ve been missing for the past month or so, but we decided to have an amazing European vacation, so I’ve literally been absent. I’m working on getting you all a post on my Rome/Croatia adventures shortly, but in the meantime, I needed to tell you about one of my favourite baby products EVER. And when I say ever, I really do mean of all time.

With my first babe, Jasper, I had no knowledge of the DockATot. Like most parents, we worried about sleeping with him in our beds, so we didn’t. I didn’t even know what a baby lounger was! I also had the daytime struggle of where Jasper would sleep. I set up a pack-and-play on the first floor of our home so that when the baby would sleep, I could put him down and watch him, without having to spend all day in my bedroom upstairs. It was an okay system and it worked, but we had all the same struggles again whenever we would travel, which for us was almost every weekend. Again, once we’d get to the farm or a friends’ cottage, we would worry about where he would sleep.

The DockATot changed everything. What is a DockATot you ask? It is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It comes in two sizes: Deluxe for 0-8 Months and Grand 9-36 months. We got the Deluxe which is perfect for Ariella. Β It serves as a safe place for your baby to sleep in during the day and night, as well as a perfect starting place for tummy time.

We love it because we can safely sleep with Ariella in our bed! No more worrying about rolling over your infant – I know you mammas think about it all the time. Then there’s daytime sleep. All I have to do now is take the DockATot downstairs with me and she has a super comfortable, portable bed. And like I said, we travel everywhere with it. From the main floor of our house to the farm and even my sisters’ cottage (which is where all these pictures were taken). It is super convenient.

I also love that is is all natural, 100% cotton, handmade in Europe and breathable – i.e. it’s safe for your baby to sleep in almost any position. It’s machine washable and easy to change. I would suggest getting a second cover though, because it needs to lay flat to dry, so you’ll want an alternate to put on right away. It would be amazing if it was pre-shrunk and it could handle a dryer, because a second cover may not be feasible for all moms.

It’s been really convenient to have the past three months and has made night time feeding really easy. Most nights I end up snuggling her and using the side bumpers as my pillow πŸ˜‚

And I would be remiss if I did not mention how stylish it is. I got the special Mrs Mighetto cover for mine and am obsessed with how beautiful it is. Thinking of maybe getting an extra cover in white too.

One other small area of improvement that I would give to the company is that carrying it up and down is a bit difficult as it doesn’t have long enough straps to be able to handle a baby and the DockATot at the same time. If they added a shoulder strap, it would be a perfect product.

Overall though, I can’t really say enough good things about this product, but I will say this: it is an absolute MUST on any new mammas registry/wish list/shopping list etc. You need this in your life!! Thank me later!

P.S. You can shop the DockATot on Amazon here or you can go here to get $10 off using my special code.

DockATot Baby Lounger ReviewDockATot Baby Lounger ReviewDockATot Baby Lounger Review DockATot Baby Lounger Review DockATot Baby Lounger Review DockATot Baby Lounger ReviewDockATot Baby Lounger Review



  1. August 1, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    This looks something like I’ve would have used for sure! It’s especially practical and safe for when babies start to move more!

  2. August 1, 2017 / 2:59 pm

    Your baby is so adorable!


  3. August 2, 2017 / 9:42 am

    not a mom here but I love hearing reviews of these things for my friend’s baby showers. I gifted this to our cousin and she’s been loving it

  4. LaToya C
    August 4, 2017 / 12:40 am

    This is so cool! I wish I’d had something like this when my kids were infants! Beautiful baby!