How to have your wedding published in a magazine

Often times the small details get missed, whether your talking about home decor, fashion or even cooking. Any interior designer, stylist or chef will tell you that the details are what make the home, outfit and culinary masterpiece. But the details are arguably the hardest part of any design. Buying the little black dress or the couch for your living room is simple. It’s putting together the finishing touches that will make your outfit, home or dinner magazine worthy that can feel daunting.

The same can be said for your wedding – one of the most important days of your life. If you are like most people and don’t have a Kim Kardashian type budget to hire an uber-expensive wedding designer, you’ll need to get creative.

Here are some tips I used during my wedding that got it featured on the oh-so-coveted WedLux – see the feature here!

  1. Pin, Pin, Pin.
    I can’t say enough about this. Pinterest is your BEST friend when you’re looking for your details. I pinned well over 250 pins to help build my wedding theme. As an example, I found my wedding arbour inspiration and floral arrangements from Pinterest.
  2. Think contextually.
    Are you getting married in the country or in the city? Pick up inspiration from your wedding location, it can provide some really beautiful details to your day. We got married on my husbands family “farm” (no animals on this farm) so for our wedding, we used an old farm door to hang our guests’ name tags from. We also had our cake put on an old Singer sewing machine that was owned by my husbands grandmother.
  3. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves.
    DIY! It’s cheap and cheerful and adds a very sweet vintage/homemade feel to the day. Again, it has to fit the theme of your wedding, but it is a nice way to add personalization without breaking the bank. Our gift to our guests was homemade maple syrup that we made on the property. A lot of work, but really cute and added a nice touch to the day.
  4. Do your research – online and in-store.
    Once you’ve found the look you want via Pinterest, blogs etc., you need to do your homework and ensure you’re finding the best possible price. You may also find other decor items as you research.
  5. Find a good photographer
    The key to getting your wedding in a magazine, whether it’s online or physical, will be to have amazing photos. If this is your goal, find a photographer that has already been featured somewhere. That way you know their work is good and they are familiar with the submission process. That’s how I found my photographer and I was really happy with her work.

I can’t guarantee that following these steps will get you featured, but I can guarantee that it will be the details that set your wedding apart from the next.

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Photo Credit: Olive Stuido

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How to have your wedding published in a magazine