Midi Skirt – Summer to Fall

Don’t you hate when you spend all summer looking for the perfect skirt, only to wear it once? Yeah, I do too! I bought the cutest midi skirt near the end of the summer to wear to an outdoor wedding. It was PERFECT. Just the right fit, mesh and beautiful pleats. I couldn’t have asked for more. Now, if you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how I feel. I wore this amazing skirt to the wedding and ever since, it’s been sitting in my closet, leering at me, wondering why I have not returned to taker her on another adventure. Okay, i’m aware that I may be the craziest only person on earth who thinks her clothes have emotions. But I digress. I needed to find another way to wear this beauty and September had already arrived.

So, I did what any self-respecting girl would: I fall-ified it. Yup. You heard it here first. Fall-ified: the act of bringing spring/summer clothes into the autumn season.

It was easy too! I paired it with a trim sweater that had a bit of detail on the shoulders, a statement necklace and booties. I decided to pair it with a sweater to dress it down a bit. I rolled up the sweater sleeves to keep it from looking too warm, and voila! Fall-ifiedTM.

Here are the pics from this past weekend and below are some from the wedding I attended at the end of August. Oh and at least one picture of my two favourite guys <3

Details of what I wore below pics!

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pics! I will bust out my DSLR next week – and i’ll have a new iPhone, so better pics either way 🙂

OE_OOTD_midi_skirt_sweater_booties OE_OOTD_midi_skirt_sweater

Skirt: similar here, here and here
Sweater: similar here , here and here
Booties: similar here, here and here
Necklace: similar here, here and here


OE_Wedding_Midi_Skirt_LV_MaggieAdhamiBoynton OE_Wedding_Midi_Skirt_Photobooth_MaggieAdhamiBoynton OE_Wedding_Midi_Skirt OE_Wedding