So I hear shopping for women is hard. Okay okay. I get it. Shopping for any women is hard, but it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, I’ve been told that I’m difficult to shop for, but I love soooo many things, that if you ask me, I think I’m the easiest person to shop for.

You’re not alone though. I’m here to help. I’ve put together the Ultimate Gift Guide for any women in your life, be it your wife, mother, sister, daughter or even a friend. … View Post

Besides buying purses and shoes for myself, my next favourite person to shop for is my husband. I used to want to dress men for a living – true story – so my obsession with men’s products runs deep. There are far fewer options for men, which also means far fewer chances of messing up the gift!… View Post

I’m so excited about Mother’s Day! I can’t really explain why, since my baby is only 1 and doesn’t even understand the concept of appreciating his mother. I just have really fond memories of my first mother’s day (last year) when Jasper was only a few weeks old. I remember being pregnant and feeling so sad that I may miss… View Post

It’s holiday time!! Can you feel it? I can, I can! This is my FAVOURITE time of year. I know I probably said that about fall as well, but this is really my favourite time of year. I don’t even mind the cold – in fact, I welcome it. It comes with hot cocoa, big sweaters, skiing, a warm fire… View Post