Update 12/01/2018 If you have read my last post about PinkBlush, you’ll know that I was not a fan of maternity wear prior to this pregnancy. I’m a changed woman! Because let me tell you, wearing clothing that is made for this magical time in your life is incredible! Everything fits so much better and feels so good. It is a much better… View Post

Shorts are a really hard wardrobe piece to make versatile. I’ve always found it quite challenging to find a pair of shorts that you can dress up and down, be able to wear to work or for a night out. That is until I found this amazing pair from H&M for under $30!! This is literally the only pair of shorts you’ll… View Post

22 hours of waiting in line to access a collaboration between the coveted Balmain and the affordable H&M. It sounds crazy, but there were people who were in line almost double that amount of time! Needless to say, it was totally worth it! And you know it’s worth it by the crazy selling price these pieces have been realizing on… View Post

Today, Olivier Rousteing took over the H&M Instagram photo feed to post some of his favourite pieces from the already-coveted collaborative collection launching November 5th. As expected, from what we’ve already seen, there is no shortage of attention to detail in this collection. And in very typical Balmain fashion, we have seen lots of embroidery and an overall military style.… View Post