The Ultimate Fall Style Guide – 2015 must haves

OverExposed_The Ultimate Fall GuideAs you’ve probably felt in the last week or so, fall is upon us. If you’re like me, with that comes the old closet turn over. Putting away your mini’s and lace, in exchange for maxi’s and leather. I’ve put together the ultimate fall style guide, full of must haves for this season. This is certainly not an all encompassing list, but if you were to only purchase some key items, these would be what you buy to ensure you are ready for the season.


Chloé cropped sweater. Similar here and here.

1 – Cropped Sweater. A must this year! I would opt for a more slouchy crop instead of a tight crop top – let’s leave those for our spring/summer wear. A relaxed fit, paired with a midi skirt or your favourite high waisted pants, is the way to go.



Red Hunter boots. Hunter socks – these are so cute when worn together!

2 – Rain boots & cable knit socks. I could not get through fall’s rainy weather without my Hunter boots. I don’t actually  know what I did before rain boots, but I think life was very wet! I like the Hunter red boots for fall because they add a bit of colour to any outfit and look really great with the colder grey/navy/army green tones. The socks are a great way to keep your feet warm and look so great on! Pair these with distressed denim, a plaid shirt and an infinity or blanket scarf for a relaxed look.
Tip: I also wear my Hunter’s well into the winter time with these socks.


OE_Topshop_black_distressed_jeans_denim OE_Zara_Mid-Rise_Cigarette_Jeans_Distresed

High-waisted Topshop black jeans . Similar here and here.
Cigarette Zara blue jeans. Similar here and here.

3 – Distressed denim. It’s not something most of us can wear on a daily basis with our office jobs, but there may be nothing better than wearing distressed denim on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon trip to the market. At least that’s how I feel. While we’ve seen distressed denim for years, what’s a bit different this season are the actual rips. No longer is our denim just slightly distressed, it now has actual wholes in it, primarily focused on the knees. Denim this season is also worn a tad bit shorter than it has been in the past, so no, you have not grown a few inches! They can be dressed down with your rain or riding boots, or dressed up with your favourites booties or pumps. Skinnies, cigarette or boyfriend are all good options. Make sure to pick up a black pair too!



Modcloth sand booties. Similar here and here.

4 – Booties. The classic bootie of previous fall/winter’s has a new look. Shorter and with a thicker heel, this bootie is so cute AND comfortable. Laces are not necessary but I love them on the bootie. And if you’re feeling really fashionable, opt for a wedge heel with laces! Pair this with your skinny jeans or favourite pair of leather leggings. This can also be both dressed up or down. And don’t be afraid to wear these with a skirt and a pair of sheer stockings.


Black PU cropped leather jacket. Similar here and here.

5 – Leather (or faux) jacket. I patiently wait until just after labour day to bring out my leather, but not much longer – even if its California hot outside. I just can’t resist! Possibly one of my favourite fall staples is a really good, well fitting leather, or faux leather, jacket. This year, opt for a draped or waterfall collared jacket vs. the motorcycle style of seasons’ past. I would also go for a slight crop, so that it just just above your pants’ waistline. Pair this with anything! Seriously. You can wear this with almost anything, so don’t hold back. I love my leather with jeans, but this would look amazing with a midi skirt or fall dress as well.


Neiman Marcus black leather midi skirt. Similar here and here.

6 – Midi skirt. You may recall from my previous post about fall-ifying your midi skirt that you can definitely bring this summer essential all the way into fall. If you already have a cute midi, see this post and bring it into fall. If you don’t already have one, or want to buy a new one (I often fall into that category), go with leather, or faux leather. I can’t wait to wear this! It is beyond cute. Pair this with a cropped sweater and dressy booties for a really sweet date night look. You can even wear this to the office, provided you’re not obligated to wear a suit 😉

OE_Army_Green_Tinsel_Utility_Vest OE_Joie_Andoni_Fur_Vest OE_Vince-black-leather-vest
Joie grey fur vest. Similar here and here.
Vince leather and suede vest. Similar here and here.
Lord & Taylor Utility Vest. Similar here and here.

7 – Vests: fur, suede  and utility/military. It’s all about the vest this fall. All shapes, materials and sizes. The classic fur makes a comeback, not just for its warming properties, but also because it looks great. If you happen to have a vest from a previous fall/winter, I would not replace it. The same look has come through to this season, so spend your money elsewhere – like on a suede vest. I recently just picked up a really practical reversible vest that was suede on one side and leather on the next. Opt for a thin material with a draped collar. And of course, we can’t leave out the utility vest. Love this vest! Be sure to get one that you can tie in the front in case you think it looks too bulky open.



Lanvin leopard clutch. Similar here and here.

8 – Leopard accent. I’m a big leopard fan. Look through my Instgarm photos and you’ll be sure to find at least one leopard piece every 5-10 photos. No need to find your spirit animal, just bring in a little accent of leopard this season. I chose a clutch for my accent here, but you can find inspiration in other pieces, like a belt, or pumps.


Vince Camuto cognac riding boot. Similar here and here.

9 – Riding Boots. Not new for this season, but definitely an essential, is the riding boot. Instead of going for a slouchy boot, look for a really well-made, structured riding boot that fits snug. I would opt for a cognac (pictured above) if I could only choose one colour. Pair with jeans or leggings for a clean look.



Fringe Plaid Blanket Scarf. Similar here and here.

10 – Blanket Scarf. So soft and comfy, no wonder this has made its way to the essential list. The blanket scarf is also very versatile – it can be worn up to 6 different ways. Looks great as a scarf, or a poncho wrapped around you. Check out this post to link off and discover all the different ways to wear it. Pair this scarf with almost anything and it will look fantastic. I love this with the crop draped-collar leather jacket.


Aritzia Plaid shirt. Similar here and here.

11 – Plaid. This has been a classic for a few seasons now, but it’s worth re-iterating as a must have this year. You can’t really go wrong with plaid this season, whether its a loose fitting casual look, or a more fitted shirt with riding boots. I love plaid for fall! If you don’t want to do a plaid shirt, go plaid with your blanket scarf – just as good!


IRO Suede Skirt. Similar here and here.

12 – Suede skirt. Omg. I actually can’t even get out real words to express how I feel about this fall trend. It is ALL about the suede skirt this season. I mean, look at that skirt. How badly do you want it in your closet?! Pair this with a simple fitted shirt and knee high riding boots. Love!