What I Wore Flat Lay – October 5 2015

OE_OOTD_Flatlay_Oct62015I have a problem throwing things away. Yup, you heard it right. Specifically, I tend to hang on to my favourite clothes, long after they no longer fit me or have gone out of style. I just can’t help it. When I buy something I REALLY love, it’s hard to part with it, no matter how badly I may need closet space. Now, while sometimes this behaviour just results in a delayed salvation army run, other times I find a way to wear these older treasures. Yesterday was a perfect example of that. The beautiful BCBG military style cropped jacket and the weathered cognac cowboy boots are both at least 6 years old. Both loved and worn many times, but never parted with. And yet, with the current fasion trends, you would think I just picked those up this season.

That’s truly the most wonderful part of fashion. Trends come and go over and over again, usually with only minimal changes. That’s not to say you should hang on to everything you own. If you are like me and you live in a big city, then you know how expensive and hard to come by closet space is – or any type of┬ástorage! What i’m suggesting here is that you hang on to your more classic pieces that you have splurged on – and really you should only be splurging on classic pieces. Those are the ones that are easy to re-use later on.


Outfit Details:

Yoga jeans. Similar here and here.
Striped shirt (old). Similar here and here.
Military Jacket BCBG (old). Similar here and here.
Zipper Scarf, Club Monaco (old). Similar here.
Cognac Cowboy Boots (old). Similar here.
Prada bag (old). Similar here and here.